People Are Photoshopping Mr. Bean Into Hilarious Things :D

Mr. Bean is probably one of the funniest faces of all time. I mean, the character barely talks yet still manages to make us laugh all the time. There are rumors that he may return, but we don't know for sure. Until then, let's enjoy some hilarious pics of him to brighten this dull Monday at work. Below you'll find a list of photoshopped pictures featuring Mr. Bean's face. From Mr. Bean as the Gladiator to Mr. Bean as Superman - the pics are bound to make you laugh. Keep on scrolling to check them out and feel free to submit your own pics to the list!



11 Artists Doing Amazing Things With Recycled Materials

1. Lin Evola-Smidt
No one wants their children to grow up in a world plagued by violence, but not many parents have worked as hard to fight the problem as artist Lin Evola-Smidt. When gun violence ravaged Los Angeles in the early nineties, Lin decided to help stop the problem by convincing residents to give up their guns, which would then be melted down to create statues of angels—an appropriately uplifting icon for those living in the increasingly dangerous City of Angels. “I wanted more at that moment than to just create a piece of art," she says. "I wanted people to make a shift within themselves." The project was a success and within a few years, the area was filled with small metal angels—each reflecting more guns being taken off the city streets. The first angels were up to 3 feet tall and took a few months of work, but eventually, Evola-Smidt decided to increase the size of the sculptures so they could be centerpieces of local parks. In 1997, she completed a 13 …

42 Most Beautiful & Realistic Origami Flowers

Origami roses such as the Kawasaki Rose are a pretty popular thing to fold however many different origami artists have folded a wide variety of different flowers. Often times these flowers are so good that they look exactly like the real thing, especially if they’re planted in flower pots. The advantage of course is that these flowers will never wilt. The first set of flowers we’ll look at this this bleeding heart model. The entire branch of flowers is folded from one sheet of paper. This particular photo has been colour corrected in Photoshop because the folder didn’t have pink and white paper but it is designed to have that colour change if you’re using paper that’s pink on one side and white on the other. Bleeding Heart, Designed and Folded by Daniel Robinson Instructions not available Original image on Flickr
If you’re ok with using a bunch of different sheets of paper you can fold something incredible like this flower tree. The Tree Grows, Designed and Folded by Gonzalo Benavente…